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What's new in Microsoft Teams? Updates in 2023

Microsoft Teams, as a communication and collaboration platform, has gained unique importance in the modern world of work. By enabling users to chat, video meet, share files, and collaborate on documents in real time, Teams has become a foundation for many organizations looking to facilitate communication and increase teamwork efficiency. Find out about latest MS Teams updates!

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a significant increase in the popularity of this platform, when remote work became the norm for millions of people around the world. Teams, as part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, has proven to be a key tool in enabling business, educational and administrative activities to continue, despite the isolation and restrictions introduced to combat the spread of the virus.

Since its debut in 2017, Microsoft Teams updates have been made regurarly – new features and integrations have been introduced to meet growing user requirements and a dynamically changing work environment. From simple user interface updates to more advanced innovations such as advanced security features, artificial intelligence integration, and customization options through third-party add-ons and applications, Microsoft Teams continues to evolve to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

In the context of the latest updates that we will discuss, Microsoft Teams is not only strengthening its position as an essential tool for modern teams, but also pointing to the direction in which the future of remote and hybrid work is heading. These latest functionalities, which we will discuss later in the article, are not only a response to current needs, but also a vision of the future of communication in the workplace.

Curious of MS latest Teams updates? Are you one of those who type “microsoft teams update november 2023” into search engines? Here are some new features that have been added to Microsoft Teams over the past year:

1. Teams has better sound

Now you can use natural, surround sound during meetings in Teams – its quality has been improved. In addition, the sound has been standardized – this means that the platform automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the meeting participants’ microphones so that the volume levels are the same. We will not be disturbed by noise or any other background sounds. They can be minimized or completely eliminated in the settings (Settings > Devices > Noise reduction).

2. Teams saves your computer

Compared to previous versions, MS Teams now uses the processor much less, and at the same time it is faster. Users who pay attention to our impact on the environment can breathe a sigh of relief – it certainly indirectly translates into reducing the carbon footprint generated by the employee.

3. Teams allows you to talk to yourself

Do you want to write something down and are terrified of dozens of notebook files scattered around your desktop? Now you can send messages/files/loose notes to… yourself. And sometimes it’s just worth talking to someone special 😉

MS Teams dashboard

4. In Teams, we can join a meeting faster

Some improvements in Teams are introduced so imperceptibly that it seems to us that they have always been there. An example is simplified joining a previously scheduled meeting. The “join” button appears already in the calendar view, so we can join the “call” directly from the view, e.g. of the entire week.

5. In Teams, you can work in organized channels

Microsoft Teams has improved the channel experience, enabling more intuitive collaboration and better conversation organization. Users can now reorder feed posts based on recent activity, making it easier to keep track of key discussions. Post replies have become more accessible, with the three most recent replies displayed directly below each post. The full conversation is now easier to view by immersing yourself in it without distractions, with the option to return to the feed at any time. Additionally, it is possible to display conversations in a separate window, which allows for better multitasking. A new info pane with contextual information, such as pinned posts and contextual search, provides quick access to key elements of the feed.

6. Teams will protect information

A company using the m365 environment can configure specific rules regarding data that can be transferred via Teams. If the sent message contains content that is prohibited by the organization’s policy, it will be blocked by the company’s data loss protection (DLP) system and you will be informed about its blocking through an appropriate notification.

7. In Teams you will present like never before

A “laser” pointer, highlighters, instant change of presentation appearance, and finally translating a slide into one of 19 languages – all this makes conducting a webinar or internal training child’s play, and at the same time effective.

Prezentacja w MS Teams

8. In Teams you can hide behind an avatar

Although the idea of replacing the camera view with an avatar seems interesting, it certainly requires further refinement. The animated character (previously selected by us from the templates) moves his mouth when we speak and moves quite naturally, while the image quality – or more precisely, its resolution – brings to mind the early 1990s. However, the authors of the idea should be praised for the extremely extensive module character creation that is as inclusive as possible. By the way, the author’s likeness turned out quite well!

MS Teams awatar

All of these updates reflect Microsoft’s desire to continually improve Teams as a platform that supports both remote and hybrid work, adapting to dynamically changing user needs. Some elements require refinement, and we are still waiting for many improvements – especially those that will use artificial intelligence.

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