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Growing everywhere, helping the best

Back in 2014, we were a team of several dozen, operating within the structures of TT. The division of TT MS in 2015 was a turning point. Today, we serve the most demanding global organizations, employ over 800 people, and continuously increase the number of our clients and projects.

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TTMS Malaysia Team

Monika Radomska

Sales Manager

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TTMS - more than technologies

We have created a modern company that cares about the future of our planet.

We change the world through environmentally friendly IT solutions.

The projects we are working on are more than just the implementation of the "TO DO" list. They are about relationships, collaboration, commitment, and mutual trust

Fruitarians, vegetarians, cyclists, skaters, skiers, surfers, travelers, eco-freaks, geeks - are you one of us? We create a world that is friendly to everyone

We create solutions and a work culture that are friendly to our planet. We reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing our environmental impact

We speak different languages, we come from different cultures - and we share the passion for technology

Our history
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TTMS Awards

IT Viewer
top 100 award

4th place for the TT Group - The largest sales of mobile applications

Forbes Diamonds 2022

Forbes Diamonds 2023

3rd place for the TT Group - The largest providers of solutions and services for the energy sector - TT Group. Computerworld's Top 200 Report, 2023

3rd place for the TT Group - The largest companies providing outsourcing services - TT Group. Computerworld's Top 200 Report, 2023

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Monika Radomska

Sales Manager