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Scale your business using the data you already have.

Thanks to many years of experience with Power BI, we will help you optimize data analytics - a powerful business weapon

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Power BI Academy, 2021

Trust Power BI specialists - Microsoft partners - with many years of experience
Reduce the influence of the human factor, thereby increasing the results
Make decisions based on properly analyzed data, not beliefs or emotions
Turn data that is expensive to maintain into unique knowledge that will help your business grow
Norbert Kulski

BI Lead

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Effective data analysis

Do you have data, that you are not able to analyze? If so, it is only a cost to you. We can remedy this - by using Power BI, we will help you and your company enter a new level, where decisions are made based on facts and data (data-driven company).

Data warehouses

Do you process large volumes of data or have you already done Power BI evaluation and need something more? Perhaps a data warehouse or data lake will ideally extend the capabilities of the planned system. We are experts in this - we have successfully completed the implementation of a data warehouse using the customer's infrastructure and a data warehouse based entirely on cloud services.

Short delivery time and reasonable price

Are you concerned about the cost of the solution? You need to know, that the implementation of a complete reporting solution has never been faster, which definitely lowered the costs. The use of Power BI is key here. However, there is one condition: the team must be experienced in order to go through the entire process efficiently. It just so happens, that we have such a team :)

Migrations and development of the existing solution

Do you have a reporting system that does not meet all your needs? We can help you. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can improve your existing system or migrate it to cloud solutions, and open up completely new possibilities for your business.

The best tool on the market

Power BI is the best-rated BI tool on the market (research by external companies: Gartner, Forester). You can be sure that you are choosing the tool with the greatest potential that will work great in any scenario. We know it like no other - use our services and join the growing group of Power BI users.


The implementation of the solution does not end the life of the system - in order to make good use of the power of reports, it is worth investing in training and taking advantage of our services in this area. We will train both users and report authors. Thanks to this, your employees will effectively take care of the solution and will be able to develop it further.

Are you looking for expert knowledge about Power BI? See our experts in action and find out why it is worth commissioning us to implement Power BI projects in your company.

See how we train our analysts


RLS: a row-level security in Power BI

Row-level security (RLS), in the context of Power BI, refers to limiting the rows of data that a specific user can see when viewing a report. This allows you to better control what users can see in the published report based on their Power BI login account.

Microsoft’s premium class reporting tool

To mine a precious opal, you must fulfill two conditions – know where to dig and be well-equipped. It’s the same with data. An experienced sales director knows which KPIs are important and what to pay attention to when changing them. The tools are a bit more problematic.

A modern analytical platform - Make it Simple

Probably, everyone is aware today of the need to analyze the data in their organization.

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Norbert Kulski

BI Lead

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