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Since 2015, we have created hundreds of e-Learning courses, animations, and presentations to effectively teach our customers’ employees in an engaging and effective way. We believe that our cooperation contributes to their success, company business goals, and employee career growth.

Browse through samples of our e-Learning materials

Innovation – Point and Click Game

An example of soft skills training as a game.

TimeSheets – VideoTutorial

An example of explanatory video (tutorial) on how to use an application for time reporting.

TTMS Promo Video

2d animation (motion design style), promoting our service.

Safety at Workspace

Training on health and safety at work with elements of gamification.

TTMS Virtual Office

Onboarding training with a virtual walk around the office.

Security Awareness

Training aimed at familiarizing the user with the basics of cyber security.

Enova – Sandbox

Simulator of the HR application in which the user learns to submit a leave application.

Synchronous Generator – 3D model

Training using 3D models to show machine elements.

Interactive manual

Example of implementation showing an interactive form of instructions for using and maintaining an electric bus, from both the driver’s and mechanic’s perspective.


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Kamil Bojarski

Head of e-Learning

    What do we offer?

    Based on our experience, we help clients prepare high-quality training materials. By analyzing the training needs in organizations, we aim to improve their competencies with our products.

    We create training courses that are compatible with LMS platforms and animations, presentations, graphics, video tutorials, and video recordings.

    e-Learning Services & Solutions

    We can help you if you:

    • Want to introduce your employees to a new process, tool, or product.
    • Need to accelerate knowledge acquisition by new hires and make it more inspiring and insightful.
    • Go through a change in your organization and want to increase the awareness and engagement of your employees.
    • Wish to improve your employees’ competence in any area to support your business goals.
    • Need to optimize the learning processes to reduce cost without compromising learning effectiveness.

    Our portfolio of e-Learning solutions includes:

    Course development

    The TTMS team is powered by developers for whom there are no impossible projects. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can boast of proficiency in the technical aspects of e-Learning. During the development phase of the training, we ensure that our ideas and those of our clients are implemented with the highest quality without compromises.

    Training evaluation

    Your business goals are at the center of our attention. Therefore, we are eager to help you prove that our e-Learnings contribute to it. We can support you in data collection and analysis to verify if the learning methods, training content, and course design align with the needs of your employees and your business.


    Our animations turn your material into an interesting and dynamic message that will keep the recipient engaged. This form is especially recommended as promotional material, a presentation of complex issues, or an overview of the topic. We create animations as an element of our e-Learning courses and as standalone videos or microlearning. You can choose from various styles, including 2D and 3D animations.

    Instructional design

    We create training courses based on expert knowledge in adult learning. We will help you give structure to your materials and adapt their form to their content, target group, and business goals. We ensure that learning is effective and sustainable while being easy and fun. We create training scenarios or storyboards for you, letting you decide on their final shape. We are happy to create training courses with gamification and storytelling.

    e-Learning experts outsourcing

    We can support your team with an experienced training developer, instructional designer or business analyst. We operate in a model where we can outsource a member of our team to yours so that they understand the structure of your organization and comprehensively support your team in the process of creating training materials.

    Graphic design

    With the support of our graphic designers, we ensure that your training courses and other materials are visually attractive and consistent. We create creative presentations, infographics, and e-Learning courses that capture attention and are easy to understand. We are fearless in ambitious projects and can also create complex 3D graphics.

    Interactive learning solutions

    See how effective teaching methods and engaging multimedia make users more willing to use e-Learning training solutions. We make sure that our training contains interactive elements, multimedia materials, various methods of visualization, animation, and narration. Ready to take the next step in enhancing your team’s skills? 

    Explore the versatility of online training solutions

    E-Learning is an excellent support for processes related to the implementation of new solutions, as well as Managed Services and cloud services. It allows for faster and highly effective communication of new functionalities and other changes.

    We know how difficult it may be and what your major challenges are.

    Meet our team – your next
    e-Learning Solution Provider

    Our team, comprising over 40 qualified experts, excels in creating innovative products on various platforms, utilizing a variety of LMS technologies.

    • Innovative Global e-Learning Solutions
      We ensure that our trainings, geared towards corporate e-Learning solutions, incorporate interactive elements, multimedia materials, and diverse visualization methods, alongside animation and narration.
    • Efficient e-Learning Outsourcing
      Prioritizing efficiency, we employ effective communication techniques and the latest methods for clear and comprehensive knowledge transfer in our global e-Learning solutions.
    • Corporate e-Learning Solution Agency
      Specializing in the development of corporate communication, our team accompanies the implementation of new applications, systems, and products within our clients’ organizations.
    • Expertise at Its Best
      Our experienced specialists, dedicated to the best practices, stay updated with industry news daily, making us proficient in providing top-notch e-Learning outsourcing and solutions.