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Mikołaj Mińczyk

Webcon Practise Lead

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Effective Time to Market

In the team, we not only look at the first implementation of the application, but we also pay attention to maintenance and development. Thanks to the Instant Change® technology you will see how simple, cheap and flexible it is - it allows you to change the "living organism". The transition moments from as-is to to-be happen seamlessly without having to quench processes to run in a version after the change. Choose Webcon and work more efficiently.

Change and… what next?

Need to change? Use the Designer Desk tool. There you will design and discuss the process and its assumptions with stakeholders without a single line of code. For a consultant, it is convenient and quick prototyping, for business it is a chance to face your vision. We save time on both sides of IT and business. Choose Webcon and work more economically.

Process automation for everyone

We have experience in projects transforming large organizations in many areas of their activity. At the same time, we provide smaller solutions for the department, department, e.g. in the areas of HR, and finance. Only risk: high level of satisfaction and willingness ... to place an order for more applications. Choose Webcon and work more comfortably.

Integrations or low-code?

Thanks to Webcon we have “both fish and an aquarium”. We can enjoy the low-code platform while writing dedicated SDK integrations. How important it is, to let us realize the answer to the question: who of us did not go through the integration in the project or would prefer to have data from several systems in one place? Choose Webcon and work uncompromisingly.

Stay with Excel

Let Excel be the result of your work in the process, not a difficult-to-use material and tool. It is optimal to derive both the best features of the spreadsheet and the digitization of the processes. Do you sometimes "stick" data from several sheets? Let this manual work be taken over by the application, which is designed to ease your tedious work. You will receive the sheet in the format you like, ready to analyze the results. Choose Webcon and work smarter.

Or maybe it's time for chillout?

Go ahead. By creating processes in Designer Studio, we can also decide on the appearance of the mobile application. A tablet or a phone allows us to make other business decisions and confirm them on a small screen. Choose Webcon and work where and how you want.

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Advantages of Webcon
Working on simple solutions can be… even easier. This also applies to building business applications – since the popularity of LCDP (Low-Code Development Platform) systems is growing.
Business processes in a simpler form - WebCon
To paraphrase Einstein, at #PowerTeamTTMS, we believe that processes “should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler“.
Is Webcon like parfaits?
You know what ELSE everybody likes? Parfaits! Have you ever met a person, you say, “Let’s get some parfait,” they say, “Hell no, I don’t like no parfait.”? Parfaits are delicious! Is Webcon like parfaits?
What does Webcon have to do with building with blocks?
Probably each of us in our childhood played with blocks, built various types of constructions from them. Usually it starts with simple towers, placing blocks around each other, to finally create castles, stations, ships, etc. These structures supported pirates, knights or princesses.
Digital signature in Webcon BPS
The WEBCON BPS platform as a DMS class tool supports the possibility of making an electronic signature. It is implemented with the help of external suppliers such as: AdobeSign, Autenti, DocuSign, Skribble.
Low-code - what's behind it?
Low-code is a trend, that has recently become exceptionally visible and is breaking through to our awareness in the IT industry. But what is behind such a concept?
PowerApps vs Webcon
The WEBCON BPS platform is an alternative to Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps + Power Automate). However, there are many differences between them in the context of building an application, designing diagrams, limitations or introducing changes. The most important of them are described in detail in this article.
How did I learn to create applications?
Is application development in the low-code tool difficult? What is the entry barrier for Webcon? In the following article, I describe the path I went through from the point of view of a "non-coding" graduate of the Webcon Academy.
Data sources in Webcon BPS
Efficient management of enterprise resources enables users to work faster, do more, and thus - more and more effectively. Therefore, today the determinant is not only having a number of systems for managing broadly understood content, but also the possibility and ease of integrating them with various types of data sources so as to have current, consistent information in one place.
Webcon - let's build a ship
Let's go back to Lego bricks as a comparison pattern for Webcon. In the previous article, I compared building with blocks to create processes in Webcon BPS. We discussed the possibilities, creativity, unlimited (almost) implementation of our ideas - so as to provide the business with the process they dreamed of. I am talking about a process whose task is to improve, accelerate and generally optimize it through its digitization.
Digital transformation 4.0 in 4 steps - how to be a Webcon superhero
We have joined the group of partners of the Webcon platform, that automates document flow for large companies and corporations. In what processes will we support organizations, using Webcon?

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Mikołaj Mińczyk

Webcon Practise Lead

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