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Monika Radomska

Sales Manager

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TTMS as an IT outsourcing company provides services in such business models:

Staff Augmentation

Extend your IT team with highly qualified TTMS consultants. We help to scale your IT team by delivering top experts.

Team Delivery

Comprehensive IT project delivery powered by TTMS agile teams.

Managed Services

Outsource IT services and entrust your IT systems to the best TTMS experts.

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How our IT Outsourcing solutions implementation looks like

Step 1: Discovery and

· Discovery meeting with a client

· Offer approval

· Contract signing

Step 2: Preparations

· Team structuring

· Recruitment process

· Communication plan

· Tools and equipment set-up

Step 3: Kick-off and ramp-up

· Kick-off meeting

· Development process and CI/CD set-up

· Organizational induction

· Knowledge transfer

Step 4: Delivery

· Development and maintenance according to the defined process

· Regular touchpoints with the client (support)

· Periodical reporting to a client/KPI review

· Service continuity

Step 5: Exit

· Knowledge transfer

· Technical documentation

· Handing over service infrastructure, repositories, and access rights back to a client

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Our competences and technological areas:


Java / Spring / Hibernate / Java Script / React / Angular / Vue.js / CSS / HTML / Bootstrap / Node js / Python / .Net Web & Desktop (C#) / C/C++ / Mobile - Android / iOS / Hybrid

Quality Management / Testing

Devops / Cloud

Project Management

Business Intelligence


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Microsoft Solutions



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Sample case studies by TTMS

Volvo Car Poland

TTMS partnered with client to implement a transformative business intelligence solution using Power BI. This solution enabled enhanced monitoring and reporting for their helpline service, optimizing workload prediction and customer interaction. Moreover, TTMS streamlined client’s sales reporting process, transitioning them from cumbersome manual Excel analyses to automated, real-time Power BI reports, resulting in improved sales trend insights.

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Project for a leader in the field of digital transformation of automation and energy management

We implement applications for the client to configure and manage the latest generation of intelligent current protection devices. We have been supporting older applications for over a dozen years and implementing completely new ones for the newest products. Our teams work in scrum and SAFe to synchronize cooperation with the teams responsible for hadrware and firmware.

Project for a publishing and educational company

Since 2016, we have collaborated with this client on 14 projects, involving 42 specialists both on-site and off-site in roles such as full-stack Java, front-end, and more. Our contributions include the development and maintenance of client’s language assessment applications and test administration system, optimizing their machine grading tool, and QA automation for various applications.

Rika UK

We engaged a team of TTMS employees in the project of the online course platform for students at Plymouth University. During 4 months of cooperation, we managed to transfer the courses and the necessary content to the newly created tool for students based on Joomla. Thanks to the transparent cooperation and commitment of the TTMS team with different competences (frond-end developers, graphic designers, back-end developers), we managed to complete the project on the planned date.

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What type of IT services can be outsourced?

Numerous IT services can be outsourced, such as software development, cloud computing, IT consulting, helpdesk, and system maintenance. The scope depends on business needs.

How do companies outsource IT projects?

Companies typically start by identifying their IT needs and budget. They then research potential outsourcing partners, review their portfolios, and conduct interviews. Once a vendor is selected, contracts are drawn up, covering scope, timelines, costs, and other terms. Regular communication and monitoring are vital for project success.

What is the most common type of IT outsourcing?

Software development is one of the most commonly outsourced IT services. This includes web development, mobile app creation, and custom software solutions. With the rise of digital transformation, many companies seek external expertise to remain competitive.

What are 5 major drivers of IT outsourcing?

The five major drivers of IT outsourcing are: 1) Cost reduction, 2) Access to specialized skills and technology, 3) Flexibility in scaling operations, 4) Focusing on core business functions, and 5) Improved service quality.

Is it cheaper to outsource IT services?

Yes, often it`s more cost-effective to outsource IT services due to reduced overheads, labor costs, and the ability to tap into specialized expertise without training in-house teams. However, the exact savings can vary based on the project and region.

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Monika Radomska

Sales Manager

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