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A Staff Leave Management Case Study: Leave Management System Software Example

Discover the synergy of Microsoft Teams and Power Apps in our HR Leave Management System Case Study. We have used this tools to improve leave management and business operations at TTMS. Find out about the challenges, solutions, and benefits we had gained in this Staff Leave Management Case Study.


Time and Leave Management Example: Introducing a case study on Employee Leave Management System

In his book, The Myth of Entrepreneurship, Michael Gerber advises that a company should be run based on rules that allow it to function even if a key employee leaves or the owner changes. It’s great advice, but how do you put it into practice?

If you own a business and employ people, you know how many procedures, policies and rules it takes to manage it properly. It applies to everything from procuring supplies for the office, and assigning tasks, to monitoring holiday and absence days.

The bigger the team, the messier it gets. This is when solutions such as CRM software, ERP systems, etc., come to the rescue. Many things require planning and coordination. New applications need implementation and integration.

Yet few people know that Office 365 and agile MS Teams software are enough. Let us tell you how we structured our company’s attendance and leave management process with a Microsoft Power Apps in just three days as a Time and Leave Management Example!

Leave Management App Case Study: Optimizing Leave Management through Microsoft Teams

You may not believe it, but attendance and leave management has been a considerable challenge for our team until recently. It’s a seemingly simple task, but TTMS team is growing fast, and new people are coming in all the time. The old ways of managing employee leaves were quite tricky and not working well. It leads us to seek a clearer and more direct system. This Leave Management app case study shows how we optimize leave management through Microsoft Teams system for better workflow and employee happiness.

Challenge: Implementing the Online Leave Management System Example with MS Teams

We had a big issue: our leave management was confusing. Until recently, not everyone knew how to submit absence requests. Employees were not sure how to ask for time off, and managers had too many unorganized requests. We needed a simple, unified system that could grow with us as our team expand. This Online Leave Management System Example shows how simple solutions can make leave management more efficient.

Hubert Ferenc our PowerApp Lead at #PowerTeam TTMS who is responsible for Microsoft Power Apps implementations came up with an idea of how to simplify absence management with MS Teams.

Idea: A Leave Management System Software Example: Using Microsoft Teams as Leave Management System

“Since we all use Microsoft Teams, why not use it to manage the business? Maybe it would be possible to streamline and automate the leaves scheduling process”, says Hubert. 

Using Microsoft Teams for leave management would make things simpler and improve teamwork. Our demand was to have a single place for all leave-related tasks. It should reduce the extra work, makes communication better, and ensures no leave request is missed. We also wanted that our new Leave Management System Software Example would have a special leave rules and notifications for our team members.

Solution: New application made in Power Apps for Teams

“The leave management app was created in Power Apps for Teams using Dataverse for Microsoft Teams. It is connected to the group calendar in the SharePoint,” says Hubert.

In this Leave Management App Case Study we are showing how Microsoft Power Apps can be used right inside Teams. This app made the leave application process much smoother and connected it to our calendars for immediate updates. This new system was quick to set up, saved us money, and made our operations more efficient.

Hubert is responsible for Power Apps implementations and collaboration with clients 

Effects of Microsoft Teams and Power App Integration

Combining Microsoft Teams and Power Apps brought many good changes. Now, all employees have a clear way to submit leave requests and are sure their supervisors will see them. Our calendars are organized, showing when staff are available. Also, we added a bot that sends updates to keep everyone informed.

Thanks to a simple application created in 72 hours, we managed to solve several business management problems:   

  1. It is now clear to everyone that to request a vacation day, all they need to do is enter the app, select the dates, fill out a short form and submit it. 
  1. The request always finds its way to the right person – the direct supervisor. 
  1. The calendar is now filled in properly.  

Improvements: Enhancing Productivity – An Absence Management Software Case Study on Microsoft Teams

This new leave management system has made our entire team more productive. Supervisors can quickly approve time off, ensuring no delays in our work. And employees are happier with a system that’s easy and clear to use. Our Absence Management Software Case Study showcases how we improved our absence management process, ensuring a more efficient workflow. What is the most important, we didn’t have to implement and learn new apps. Our employees get new feature inside their MS Teams calendar.

Power Apps integrations and improvements in Business Management Systems

We didn’t stop with leave management. At TTMS, we created user-friendly applications using Microsoft Power Apps. From managing vaccine orders and parking spaces to handling licences, we’ve created solutions that make our work smoother and more efficient. With Power Apps, prototyping and deployment is really fast. Our applications were developed in 3 days! On top of that, the solution offers low development and maintenance costs.

Perhaps your company also needs such an application?

Power Apps advantages 

Problem:  streamlining management  Solution: Agile Power Apps 
I don’t want to spend too much   Cost-effectiveness 
I don’t want additional software   An application based on Microsoft technology 
I do not want a long process  Application developed in 48 hours 

Used in production companies 

Microsoft Power Apps implemented by TTMS are used to streamline HR processes and company management.  

They are also great for larger projects in virtually any industry.  

At TTMS, we help our clients simplify their business processes. Here are 3 examples of Microsoft Power Apps implementations: 

Application for ordering vaccines against Covid-19 

A simple application to centrally manage vaccine orders 

Application for parking lot management 

Intuitive application for parking space reservation at the office 

Application for ordering licenses 

An agile application to centrally manage license orders 

Final Thoughts

If your company wants to streamline processes, TTMS will provide you with comprehensive support in implementing the application – from the concept and functionality definition to the implementation and maintenance. 

  • improved document flow 
  • simplified management system 
  • streamlined HR procedures 
  • improved information flow among employees 

Agile software for companies – consultations 

We are happy to meet with companies that have ideas for improving their processes – both simple and advanced ones.  

Request a consultation if: 

  • you need an application as quickly as possible 
  • you want to automate business processes 
  • you expect smart solutions 

Order an application that will improve your business processes without straining your budget. Contact us! 

TTMS – why it is worth to choose us?

We are a Microsoft partner and have many years of experience in Power Apps implementations.  

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TT Group has 23 offices on 3 continents and employs around 2000 people. Our team consists of highly qualified and certified specialists.   

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