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The Example of Safety Training: 10 Life-Saving Rules for Hitachi Energy


Hitachi Energy, a leading global technology company, specializes in innovative solutions for a sustainable energy future. The company's operations encompass various areas, including power grids, energy storage, and renewable energy. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to safety, Hitachi Energy constantly seeks to enhance its workplace practices to ensure the well-being of its employees.


Despite Hitachi Energy's strong reputation and commitment to safety, the company faced challenges in delivering effective safety training to its employees. The existing training framework lacked engagement and interactivity, leading to disinterest among the workforce. The traditional methods of using static PowerPoints, Word documents, and outdated videos failed to effectively communicate critical safety program examples. This approach resulted in minor incidents occurring repeatedly in the workplace. Employee feedback highlighted their dissatisfaction with the current health and safety training in the workplace, underscoring the need for a more engaging and impactful training solution.


To address the issues at hand, TTMS e-Learning developed an innovative training program titled "10 Life-Saving Rules," aimed at transforming the way safety training was conducted at Hitachi Energy. This example of safety training deviated from the conventional approach of delivering safety guidelines through traditional materials.

The TTMS team introduced a storyboard-based approach that used animated characters and interactive narratives to captivate and engage employees. The e-Learning training immersed users in scenarios where they assisted employee characters in performing their daily tasks while adhering to safety guidelines. By allowing users to make decisions and complete tasks, the course facilitated a hands-on learning experience. The outcomes of their decisions were vividly portrayed, helping users grasp the importance of safety rules and cultivate the right attitude towards adherence.


This safety training example yielded remarkable outcomes for Hitachi Energy. The training course swiftly became a mandatory requirement for all employees across the company. This marked a significant reduction in the number of minor incidents that had previously been reoccurring in the workplace. The engaging and interactive nature of the course contributed to employees adopting safer practices, leading to a safer work environment.

Furthermore, the training automation process streamlined the work of the client's e-Learning administrators. This allowed reports to be generated automatically and facilitated the seamless delivery of the training course in multiple languages. The value of training within the organization was enhanced, as employees recognized the efforts made to prioritize their safety and well-being.

In conclusion, the example of e-learning health and safety training for Hitachi Energy transformed from static presentations to interactive and engaging training, which had a profound impact. The "10 Life-Saving Rules" training course not only decreased incidents but also elevated the importance of safety training within the organization. The collaboration between Hitachi Energy and TTMS led to a successful transition that improved employee engagement, fostered a safer work environment, and created the best example of online safety training for employees.

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