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Using Salesforce NPSP in NGOs

Do you know how modern technologies can transform the activities of non-profit organizations? In this article, we summarize how Salesforce NPSP is revolutionizing management in the NGO sector by providing powerful tools to help you achieve your mission.

  1. Instroduction
  2. Key challenges of NGOs
  3. Salesforce NPSP functionalities for NGOs
  4. The Importance of Salesforce NPSP for Nonprofits
  5. Summary



Nonprofit organizations struggling with challenges related to data management and operational efficiency are forced to look for innovative technology solutions to help them meet these challenges. In this context, Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) appears as a game-changer, adapting the proven functionalities of the Salesforce platform to the specific needs of the NGO sector. Its introduction is crucial for organizations that are trying to keep up with changes and increase their ability to implement important social and humanitarian missions.

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Key challenges of NGOs

In the work of non-profit organizations, problems often arise related to, for example, data centralization, donor information management, identification of transfers, budget control, as well as limited access to integrated data analysis and reporting tools.

Here’s what NGOs struggle with:

  • Difficulties in recognizing donations from donors and automatically assigning them to appropriate actions, as well as in analyzing and processing the collected data.
  • Problem with incomplete information about donors, including the distinction between companies and individuals.
  • Lack of an effective system for monitoring collection goals. Graphical data such as charts must be created manually using Excel formulas.
  • Problems with quick verification of campaigns and payment sources, lack of tools to assess the effectiveness of individual campaigns.
  • Lack of integration with e-mail systems.
  • Problems with full control over the advertising budget. Employees do not have access to current information about available funds and their possible use in future campaigns.
  • Lack of a uniform system to easily import data. External entities, such as offices, banks or collection platforms, provide files with different structures, which increases the risk of errors and lack of data consistency. Any duplicates must be identified manually.
  • Difficult access to the database – it is often a growing Excel file that is increasingly difficult to run.
  • Risk of data corruption or theft due to distributed file management.

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Salesforce NPSP functionalities for NGOs

Salesforce NPSP, as a set of extensions designed for non-profit organizations, offers a number of functionalities that address these challenges. These are among others:

  1. Donor Relationship Management: Enables organizations to accurately track and manage interactions with donors, which is key to building lasting relationships and effective fundraising.
  2. Tracking campaign effectiveness: Thanks to advanced analysis tools, organizations can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, which allows them to optimize their strategies and allocate resources.
  3. Volunteer management: NPSP offers tools for recruiting, coordinating and tracking volunteer activity, which is crucial in organizations that rely on volunteer work.
  4. Process Automation: From grant lifecycle management to recording recurring donations, NPSP automates many processes, reducing administrative burden and increasing operational efficiency.
  5. Data management: NPSP facilitates the import, export and management of data, ensuring better understanding and use of collected information.
  6. Integration with existing systems: The ability to integrate with popular tools, such as MS Outlook, makes everyday work much easier and improves communication efficiency.
  7. Personalization and reporting: Organizations can create personalized reports and dashboards to better understand the impact of their activities.
  8. Grant Management: NPSP makes it easier to track grant applications and manage the grant lifecycle;
  9. Scoring – a functionality that suggests interactions (e.g. thanks) with contributors, based on the analysis of payments and consents (consents to receiving e-mails, text messages or telephone calls).
  10. Recurring donations: allows you to track regular payments from donors, automating the process and providing easy management of payments that are made at set intervals (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually). This makes it easier to forecast future income and allows for better planning of the organization’s activities.
  11. Relationships: NPSP offers extensive capabilities to track and manage various types of relationships between people and organizations in the database. This allows you to identify and document connections between donors, beneficiaries, volunteers and other people associated with the organization. This function is crucial in building an effective communication strategy and maintaining strong relationships.
  12. Affiliations: allows you to track and manage people’s affiliations with various organizations and groups. An example may be a donor’s membership on the board of another non-profit organization. This allows for a better understanding of the network of connections and potential conflicts of interest, as well as identifying opportunities for cooperation and support.
  13. Households: Groups people into “family units” or households. This enables organizations to better understand family dynamics and manage communications and activities in a way that takes family relationships into account. For example, if two people from the same household make donations, NPSP allows you to understand their combined contributions and better tailor communications to the needs of the entire household.

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The Importance of Salesforce NPSP for Nonprofits

Salesforce NPSP is a very useful tool for nonprofits that transforms their operations and improves operational efficiency. It facilitates the management of relationships with donors, which is essential for building lasting relationships and effective fundraising. NPSP also enables accurate tracking and analysis of campaign performance, which is important for optimizing strategy and resources. Additionally, volunteer management tools significantly support organizations that rely on the work of volunteers.

Process automation in NPSP reduces administrative burden and increases operational efficiency, especially in the management of grants and recurring donations. Integration with systems such as MS Outlook and personalization and reporting features improve data management and communication. NPSP also enables the management of various types of relationships, which is crucial in building an effective communication strategy.


Salesforce NPSP is a valuable tool for nonprofits, enabling them to more effectively manage resources, better communicate with donors and volunteers, and provide the tools necessary to achieve their mission.

Thanks to this, these organizations can focus on their main goals, having at their disposal advanced and integrated technological solutions.

If your foundation would like to implement Salesforce NPSP solutions, please contact our experts.