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Technologically green

We use our knowledge and skills to create IT solutions that work for the benefit of our planet. The solutions developed at Transition Technologies Group help optimize the processes in power plants and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions. TT systems helped optimize the largest heating network in Europe. In result, they reduced emissions by over 145,000 tons of CO2.

How much is it in reality?

Every year this amount of CO2 is absorbed by:

the area of Łódź – a major city in Poland

23,068,181 trees

32,945 hectares of forest

3xC strategy helps us control carbon footprint, minimize it and compense where we have no influence on the amount of carbon dioxide produced by our company.

Cut back​

We conduct many activities aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. We invest in green offices. We support our eco-ambassadors. We run several internal campaigns promoting ecological attitudes.


We constantly measure the amount of CO2 generated by TTMS. We control energy consumption, fuel burned, and the carbon footprint of packages sent by courier. We are continuously developing this indicator to make it even more precise.


We know that a global IT company cannot reduce its carbon footprint to zero. That is why TTMS is finding other ways of solving this problem, one of which is to support the efforts of the organizations specializing in the complete reduction of carbon footprint.

We have the green light.

Now let's just move ahead without leaving any footprints. Watch and listen to our ideas!

Main ideas of TTMS goes Green

Conscious Employees

TTMS Company is about people. All the initiatives come from them. You would be surprised how often eco issues are discussed over a cup of coffee.

Reducing the carbon footprint

We use an IT tool developed in-house to calculate the carbon footprint. By 2025 we want to reduce the CO2 emissions by half, by 2030 to be negligible.

Measurable goals

We are preparing to implement the ISO 14000 environmental standard. That is how we want to control the quality and scope of the environmental changes we make at TTMS.

Eco offices

We care about the air that we breathe in our offices. We continuously measure its quality and add specially selected purifier flowers to our spaces.

Zero Emission

We are aware that we will never be completely zero-emission. TTMS is constantly evolving – we fly by planes, use phones and more, that's why we conduct many compensation activities.