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Salesforce Implementation Case Study at KEVIN: An Example of Small Business


This Salesforce implementation case study showcases how KEVIN, a next-generation payment infrastructure provider, revolutionized its sales processes through the deployment of Salesforce CRM. By addressing specific challenges and leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities, KEVIN achieved remarkable results, serving as an inspiring example for small businesses aiming for growth. 


KEVIN is a forward-thinking company offering innovative payment solutions with a vast customer reach and a focus on customizable payment infrastructure. However, as the business grew, the need for efficient lead management and sales process automation became evident. 

Salesforce and KEVIN Case Study

Challenges Faced

KEVIN encountered several challenges, including the lack of a centralized system for managing product catalogues, reporting, and the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Additionally, there was a need for streamlined lead generation and structured customer opportunity management. 

Solution Provided

To address these challenges, TTMS implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to KEVIN’s needs: 

  • Web-to-lead form integration for seamless lead capture and assignment. 
  • Implementation of duplicate rules to ensure data integrity and eliminate duplicate entries. 
  • Daily reminders to prompt user action on inactive records. 
  • Activity and data tracking features for enhanced visibility and control over sales processes. 

Outcomes Achieved

The implementation of Salesforce CRM resulted in significant improvements for KEVIN: 

 Enhanced efficiency and automation in sales processes from lead capture to closure. 

  • Improved data integrity and accuracy with the use of duplicate rules. 
  • Increased user engagement and accountability through daily reminders. 
  • Streamlined activity tracking for better process management. 


The success of KEVIN’s Salesforce implementation exemplifies the transformative power of CRM for small businesses. By partnering with TTMS and leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities, KEVIN achieved streamlined sales processes, improved data management, and ultimately, accelerated business growth. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of Salesforce in empowering small businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Arkadiusz Kapszewicz