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Digital transformation 4.0 in 4 steps - how to be a Webcon superhero

We have joined the group of partners of the Webcon platform, that automates document flow for large companies and corporations. In what processes will we support organizations, using Webcon?

  • Cost optimization related to the use of the Webcon platform (license selection, selection and optimization of appropriate processes, integration with systems, platforms, applications),
  • Enabling embedding processes in the digital world,
  • Process automation based on Microsoft cloud technologies.
  • Digital transformation – not only an opportunity, but a necessity.

What is Webcon? – pleasant processes without coding

Webcon is a low-code platform for the automation of business processes. WEBCON BPS enables effective, future-proof handling of all business processes, both essential and supporting. The hassle-free introduction of changes adds agility to everyday work – this is the main distinguishing feature. With WebCon, the processes just become… pleasant.

4 benefits – your traditional processes with a modern twist

Fast results – today’s users expect results within their minds wherever they are; the availability of the WebCon application is one thing, but the more important issue is that we can get a working prototype after just 2 hours of clicking. This gives us some ready-to-evaluate solutions for users from the very first day after identifying the need and purpose of the process.

User adaptation – the application is intuitive and the operation is nothing more than surfing the Internet, where forms are easier to supplement than online shopping.

Free from problems – WebCon is also a self-documenting tool with an efficient event logging mechanism and a graphical process editor, significantly facilitating the transition from production to maintenance.

Comprehensiveness – The application created only once in WEBCON BPS works in the environment of the WEBCON BPS portal. It can also be run in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, as well as on a smartphone or tablet. Additional components, such as OCR with built-in Artificial Intelligence support, ready-made connectors for selected APIs or the possibility of your own customization, thanks to a dedicated SDK create environments that take care of the process from the first to the last step, including reporting.

4 steps

  1. Take the first step and contact us.
  2. A team of experienced consultants will share their know-how and help prepare the PoC for a meeting with stakeholders.
  3. Together, we will prepare a solution at every stage of the project, from the prototype, through MVP and CRy to a ready scalable solution launched and maintained in production.
  4. Welcome to the world of WebCon!