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Victimless data separation


TSA EXIT Migration – the name of the project – stands Transform Service Agreement - Exit Migration, a long and very complex process connected to company merges-fusion activity, the coordination of which was undertaken by TTMS specialists. Its purpose was to securely transfer whole IT environment: infrastructure, services agreements, systems, applications, and finally data from the ABB to Hitachi, to which the above-mentioned areas had to be transferred, due to a joint venture agreement.

We dealt with 32 ERP systems operating in over 60 countries. All systems ran on SAP and had approx. 3,500 related applications. There were 1,500 contracts to be migrated. It was all a huge implementation and organizational challenge, especially since the applications were still evolving, and the business continuity had to be preserved.

What is the most challenging - only the part of data should be transferred to the new entity and therefore they had to be “surgically” separated. Of course detailed, many-level verification was also necessary - to avoid duplication or omission of data.


  • a large number of migrated systems and applications, a huge scale and high complexity of the project (32 SAPs in over 60 countries globally, 3 500 applications, 1 500 Service Agreements),
  • the need to access the data of members of two different organizations and the related legal challenges
  • high time pressure
  • stakeholder challenge - the need to reconcile the interests of different groups - due to the fact, that two parties participate in the process (around 32k employees was moved between companies)


Two large project organizations were established - one on the ABB side and the other on the Hitachi side, which was the recipient of the data and created the target environment. We supported the ABB side by creating migration environments (ETL). We provided data to Hitachi in the so-called transition area.

Our role was to plan and design the processes. We were responsible for migration architecture, implementation management, deployment reliability and stakeholder management.

On our part, the project was supervised by a solutions architect, who did also (simultaneously) the PM role.

2 Solution Architects / PM
1 SAP ETL Expert/Architect


The process is still ongoing (since 2019), still on-track according to the original plan. Its finalization (full data extraction from ABB and production start in Hitachi) is scheduled for June 2023.

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