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Safety first


A global production and technology company approached us with a request for help in creating e-learning training in health and safety. The goal was to train production and office workers in 5 locations around the world. The multiculturalism of employees was a challenge in everyday operations. Individual interpretations of occupational health and safety rules caused many misunderstandings.

The client wanted to create an e-learning course adapted to many cultures. However, he wanted to present the same unchanging safety rules that the company required from its employees in every location.


So far, each of the locations has varied materials introducing the health and safety rules. Some of the educational materials were sent to employees remotely. It was not entirely clear whether a given employee was familiar with them or not. The materials were not always consistent and comprehensive. Their availability was not the same for all employees in the organization.

Due to the frequent rotation of employees, there was no control over the correct implementation of the safety rules for new employees. In the past, time-⁠consuming, and costly health and safety training was also organized at the headquarters of individual branches to ensure that every employee gained knowledge.


The perfect solution for the client is e-learning training with elements of storytelling. We used specific cases that employees may find at work, but also on the way to work and when returning home. We decided on an interactive form of an animated presentation.

The learner must go through several different scenarios of events that can lead to different accidents. The user’s task is to indicate the virtual form of the appropriate behavior. If the user gives the wrong answer, the screen shows him the possible unfortunate consequences. If the user indicates a good one, they move on to the next scene. In each of the presented scenarios, one security rule is presented. Thanks to interactivity and the possibility of choice, learning becomes active, which has a positive effect on remembering.

Thanks to interactivity and the possibility of choice, learning becomes active, which has a positive effect on remembering.

Scope of provided services

The following components of the e-learning service were used in this project:

Instructional design:

Consultation and collection of needs, presentation of the concept for acceptance


brief of individual cases presented in e-learning

Review and re-consultation

Proofreading and storyboarding

Creation of training layout, graphics, and animations

Development and implementation


The greatest benefit for the client from the implementation of the e-learning solution was the strengthening of occupational health and safety rules. Employees have become more aware of the branches and fewer accidents have been recorded.

In addition, the client is no longer obliged to organize stationary training as often as before. This is an additional savings for the company.

The current rotation in teams has ceased to be burdensome in the context of onboarding new employees. The process of their preparation for work has been automated. If a new employee undergoes training, he or she can practically immediately start performing tasks related to his or her position.

Thanks to reports from the platform, managers can see who from their team has completed the training and who has not, who has started it, and at what stage of training it is. This gives them full control over the safety training process.

In addition, managers do not have to keep an eye on the deadlines for completing the training by their team. The platform itself also sends reminder notifications near the deadline.

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