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An Outsystems implementation at a pharmaceutical company


Our pharmaceutical client creates business applications for its diagnostics, biotechnology, and breakthrough innovations in major disease areas.

They have to develop many applications for their internal business. These include training systems, employee management, customer service survey system, digital marketing data system, and more.

Our client’s problem is based on a complex business requirement. The customer needs to build many different systems, service applications, and APIs on different platforms. They use the Outsystems platform to adapt to their needs.


Service applications and APIs have been created by various platforms. Duplicates are created and components cannot be reused. The cost also increases due to the license and resources of the third-party provider. Another challenge is the release process, which is often manual and requires more effort.

The client’s application teams lack knowledge of the Outsystems platform. The client needs a support team to help them operate the Outsystems platform and deploy applications from Dev to QA, and Prod.


The solution was Outsystems low code platform to implement their application, services, and APIs and we provide them an OPS team to help them manage that platform.

We provide a team to operate, monitor, deploy, consult, and troubleshoot the issue that happens in the platform for their application team. The team will assist the main three regions of APAC, EMEA, and NALA. TTMS supports knowing how to implement and design their application architecture with the Outsystems platform. TTMS Team gave them all the guidance and advice to all their application team’s questions to help them make the application feature work as they expect. We also monitor their application to notify them if there is any error happening with their application.


As a solution to the client’s complex architectural and scalability issues related to their internal systems, TTMS helped implement Outsystems based custom applications, services and APIs. We now collectively manage the platform’s operations, support, enhancements and monitoring, along with advising them on future upgrade strategies and solutions for their unique problems.

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