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How Migration to AEM Cloud Empowers Businesses for the Future. A Case study of Luxury Goods Brand


Our valued client, a leading luxury goods brand, made a strategic decision to migrate from their existing AEM On-Premise setup to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service. The primary motivation behind this migration was twofold: to alleviate the burdens of on-premise system management and to harness the latest feature-rich capabilities of AEM Cloud Content Migration.


The migration project presented several unique challenges. Firstly, as part of the process, we needed to incorporate new features into the existing AEM migrating from On Premise to Cloud Services while simultaneously maintaining its functionality. Secondly, our client underwent a significant transformation by adopting a new version of their Product Information Management (PIM) system and restructuring their product catalog. This meant that an additional layer of migration was required, encompassing both code and content, to align with the new product structure. Additionally, the migration necessitated a shift from the Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) Classic to CIF Cloud.


To address these multifaceted challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution that involved running three distinct project streams in parallel:

  • New Features Stream: We diligently introduced new features to the existing AEM On-Premise system, ensuring it remained fully operational throughout the migration process. This approach allowed our client to benefit from enhancements even before the migration was completed.
  • CIF Migration Stream: Simultaneously, we managed the migration of the Commerce Integration Framework from Classic to Cloud. This transition enabled a seamless integration of the client`s commerce functionalities with the AEM Cloud Migration.
  • Core Migration Stream: The core of the migration involved transitioning from AEM On-Premise to AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS). We meticulously executed this migration while minimizing disruption to our client`s operations. A brief three-week code freeze and a two-week content freeze were strategically implemented to ensure a smooth transition.
  • By the end of the AEM On Premise to Cloud Migration, our client successfully had all three of their websites hosted on AEM as a Cloud Service. Moreover, they benefited from a modernized product structure, backed by direct PIM integration through the latest version of CIF Cloud.


This case study serves as a testament to how the migration to AEM Cloud not only resolved the challenges posed by on-premise systems but also empowered our client`s business for a more agile and feature-rich future.

Moving from Adobe Experience Manager to Cloud presents a host of advantages. The benefits of moving from on-premise to AEM Cloud include enhanced scalability, improved cost-efficiency, and the opportunity to harness cloud-native features. Nevertheless, it`s vital to acknowledge the challenges of moving from AEM on-premise to the cloud. However, with careful planning and expert guidance, organizations can maximize the advantages of transitioning from on-premise to AEM Cloud while mitigating potential challenges.

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