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Incident Report Software Use Case: Sandbox Simulation for ABB


ABB is a global technology company that specializes in electrification, robotics, automation, and motion solutions. With a presence in over 100 countries, ABB is renowned for delivering cutting-edge technologies that drive progress in various industries, from energy and transportation to manufacturing and infrastructure. ABB`s commitment to safety and innovation has positioned the company as a leader in providing solutions that enhance the well-being of both its employees and clients.


Despite ABB`s strong focus on safety, the company faced challenges in effectively addressing minor, reoccurring incidents within its workforce. A significant gap existed in training pertaining to incident investigation and reporting. Additionally, ABB was looking to leverage the capabilities of the Intelex Incident Reporting Software but lacked the necessary training to do so. The existing training materials failed to engage employees effectively, resulting in limited understanding and awareness of how to handle incidents and near-misses appropriately. Want to know how TTMS helped with these challenges? Read this incident report software use case.


In response to ABB`s challenges, TTMS e-Learning proposed an innovative solution that aimed to revolutionize incident investigation and reporting training. The concept put forward by TTMS was designed to engage employees with fresh and interactive content.

In this incident management software use case, the "Sandbox Simulation" concept involved the creation of an application training simulator for the Intelex Incident Reporting Software. The simulation immersed employees in real-world scenarios where they had to identify incidents, investigate root causes, and report them accurately using the Intelex platform. The interactive nature of the simulation allowed users to practice incident handling in a risk-free environment while honing their skills in a gamified manner.


The implementation of the "Sandbox Simulation" had a transformative impact on ABB`s incident investigation and reporting practices. The results of this incident reporting tool use case were overwhelmingly positive, resulting in several noteworthy outcomes:

  • The client was highly satisfied with the "Sandbox Simulation" concept, to the extent that they requested its application for another project.
  • The simulation significantly raised awareness among employees, particularly Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers, about incidents and how to conduct effective investigations.
  • Engagement with the Intelex platform improved markedly, as employees developed a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate and utilize the software for incident reporting.
  • The simulation saved valuable time during the onboarding process for new hires, facilitating their swift familiarization with the Intelex platform and incident reporting procedures.


In conclusion, within this incident reporting software use case, the `Sandbox Simulation` emerged as a game-changing solution for ABB, effectively addressing the challenges associated with incident investigation and reporting training. This example of an incident reporting solution, through the delivery of a dynamic, hands-on learning experience, enabled TTMS to enhance ABB`s safety culture, foster engagement with critical software tools, and streamline the incident reporting process. The success of this approach not only brought tangible benefits to ABB but also showcased the power of innovative training solutions in driving positive organizational outcomes.

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