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How to Successfully Migrate from Non-AEM to AEM Platform: A Case Study of a Global producer of hunting arms


Our client, a prominent company catering to sports shooters, hunters, and collectors, recognized the need to revamp their existing online portals within the EMEA region. Faced with the limitations of their current non-CMS solution, they embarked on a journey to modernize their digital presence to better serve their diverse audience.


The client's websites were operating on a non-standard solution devoid of a proper CMS. Their expansive product range necessitated presentation across multiple languages. In response, a strategic decision was made to transition to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5, aiming to establish a unified platform for enhanced user experiences. This transition also marked an opportunity to integrate their Product Information Management (PIM) system into the new portal. See how we solved this problem by reading this Migration to AEM Case Study.


To address challenges presented in this AEM Content Migration Case Study, our specialized team comprising Adobe-certified backend and frontend developers, QA testers, and content writers was deployed. The migration process encompassed a comprehensive set of tasks:

  • AEM Platform Implementation: Our experts orchestrated the seamless transfer of the client's digital presence to AEM 6.5, laying the foundation for a modernized web experience. This ensured scalability and future-proofing of their digital assets.
  • Customization of Core Components: We developed tailored AEM's Core Components to align with the client's distinct requirements. This personalized touch elevated the website's functionality, catering precisely to their target audience's expectations.
  • PIM Integration: One of the core objectives of the migration was to integrate the PIM system seamlessly. We designed and executed an efficient integration strategy, ensuring that product information is effortlessly synchronized between the AEM platform and the PIM system. This streamlined product management and enhanced data accuracy.
  • Content Migration and Management: Our comprehensive content migration services enabled the smooth transfer of the client's existing content onto the new AEM platform. We also established an intuitive content editing system within AEM, empowering the client's team to efficiently manage and update content going forward.


This AEM Case Study shows the collaborative efforts between our team and the client which led to significant positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The migration to AEM facilitated a user-centric design and intuitive navigation, improving engagement and user satisfaction.
  • Efficient Content Management: The new content management system within AEM allowed the client's team to swiftly make updates, reducing dependency on external resources.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: AEM's robust language support facilitated the presentation of products in various languages, ensuring a localized experience for the EMEA market.
  • Integrated Product Management: The seamless integration with the PIM system streamlined product data management, leading to improved accuracy and consistency.


This AEM Migration Case Study exemplifies the successful migration of our client's websites to the AEM platform, marked by strategic decisions, specialized expertise, and meticulous execution. The partnership between our team and the client resulted in an elevated digital presence, driving growth within the competitive EMEA market. As pioneers in CMS Migration to AEM, our company continues to lead in providing transformative experiences for businesses across industries.

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