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Business processes in a simpler form - WebCon

To paraphrase Einstein, at #PowerTeamTTMS, we believe that processes “should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler“. IT systems are usually associated with very complex tools, the maintenance of which requires a lot of knowledge and an army of highly qualified programmers.

Tons of documents, data and tasks that pass between users every now and then can overwhelm with the sheer amount, not to mention the expertise, needed to choose the right path in the process and ensure it is carried out.

At TTMS, we meet this challenge and improve the digitization of business processes with the help of Webcon BPS. Webcon BPS allows for great flexibility in implementation, which makes it a more affordable low-code system / platform. It is a DMS (Document Management Systems) class system, the purpose of which is to provide documents / forms / tasks in an electronic form. The possibilities of the Webcon BPS system are usually limited only by the customer’s imagination.

You will say: “we have specific technical conditions (which can be developed thanks to special additions, by the way), our industry is not suitable for this” – let’s talk and we will prove to you that it is quite the opposite.

USER! If you are looking for a Low – Code platform / system with a low entry barrier and if your business processes change frequently, then Webcon BPS is for you. The InstantChange ™ technology gives this tool an advantage over traditional BPM (Business Process Management) systems thanks to the ability to quickly change the configuration of Webcon BPS in line with changes in the business process outside the system.

Tons of paper, thousands of unread e-mails, knowledge after the fact, not about the fact, delayed tasks, a sense of lack of control over the process, long waiting times for seemingly simple leave acceptance – these are very common challenges that companies face without implementing flexible process modeling tools business. Digitizing these processes is now a must. Let us not ask ourselves if (for sure so), when (because for sure already) only: HOW?

PowerTeamTTMS helps to solve countless problems faced by companies without the implementation of appropriate tools, such as Webcon BPS. In a situation where changes take place in a very dynamic way, you will need a low-code system that will allow for flexible and immediate response to the modification. Why Low-Code? Because many companies do not want to wait for the company implementing the appropriate software to make changes. In the case of other systems, it is usually a long cycle of receiving notifications and approval. With the Low-Code system – Webcon BPS, changes can be made immediately. The tool allows you to modify already existing processes without the need for programming. Ie. you can encode or low-code, but you can do without. A basic, working Low-Code process can be designed and implemented in Webcon BPS using the Drag and Drop method. Webcon BPS is a tool whose potential can be used in a basic way (described above) or in a slightly more advanced way, using SQL queries or software add-ons SDK (Solution Development Kit).


Let’s think about whether you need Webcon BPS… Answer the following questions:

1. Is the amount of documents in your company overwhelming and are you not able to work optimally?

2. Do you get lost in current and archival documents (especially electronic ones)?

3. Are the tasks you have assigned not performed for a long time?

4. Having trouble reminding other people to complete a task?

5. Does the acceptance process in the company take too long?

6. Is it problematic to send one paper document to several locations at the same time?

7. Do you need to enter data into several systems at the same time, wasting valuable time?

8. Is time of applying changes in the current system going to infinity?

9. You can’t code, but need a dedicated solution?

If you answered yes to the above questions (or most of them), it is a sign that you need Webcon BPS. Such points can be exchanged a lot, and all these (and other) issues are solved with a single tool. Thanks to the use of the proprietary InstantChange ™ technology by WEBCON, the Low-Code system described here provides the possibility of a quick change in the process, adapting it to the current rules and arrangements.

Are you not sure if this is a tool for you or your organization? Test them out! Webcon BPS allows you to set up an account in the Webcon Designer Desk tool for free. Thanks to this – with the help of Low-Code technology – you will be able to check the simplicity and possibilities of the Webcon BPS platform. The solutions designed in Designer Desk translate into real functionalities and possibilities of the system in a fully-fledged Webcon BPS environment.

You don’t know how to start? Contact #PowerTeamTTMS!

Mikołaj Mińczyk – Webcon Practise Lead, Transition Technologies MS

contact:, t: 0048 608821570