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Best Citizen Development Tools, which ones to choose?

  1. What software will you choose for your company?
  2. What is Citizen Development Software?
  3. Which Citizen Development Software Is the Best?
  4. Why choose Webcon as the unified Citizen Development tool for your company?
  5. Our Experiences with Webcon as a Citizen Development Tool
  6. Consider TTMS as Your Trusted Partner in Citizen Development
  7. Closing Thoughts

In today’s digital world, the role of Citizen Developers in business is becoming increasingly significant. Thanks to them, organizations can create custom solutions without the need to involve external development teams. However, to achieve success in the field of Citizen Development, it is crucial to make the right choice of software.

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What software will you choose for your company?

The choice of Citizen Development software for your company depends on the specific needs and goals of the organization. There are many different tools and platforms available in the market that support application development by business users. Here are a few popular options to consider:

– Microsoft Power Apps,
– Google AppSheet,
– OutSystems,
– Mendix,
– Zoho Creator,
– Bubble,
– Webcon BPS.


What is Citizen Development Software?

Citizen Development software is a set of tools and platforms that enable business users without specialized programming knowledge to create, customize, and deploy applications. It is a response to the growing demand for flexible and rapid IT solutions that can be built by business users themselves, without the need to engage development teams.

One of the critical elements of Citizen Development is the use of Low-Code or No-Code tools, which provide intuitive graphical interfaces, component libraries, and ready-made application templates. Business users can create interactive forms, workflows, reports, and user interfaces using drag-and-drop elements and configuring rules and actions. This enables rapid prototyping and iterative application development while reducing the need for deep coding.

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Which Citizen Development Software Is the Best?

Let’s take a closer look at two leading tools that are the most practical and cost-effective to train, implement, and maintain: Webcon BPS and Microsoft Power Platform. We will then present compelling arguments for choosing Webcon as the unified Citizen Development tool for your company.

Webcon is an advanced Citizen Development tool that empowers citizen developers to create customized business applications. Its user-friendly interface and modular structure make it easy to build applications that meet your company’s unique needs. Additionally, Webcon offers comprehensive business process management features, allowing for optimization and automation of operations within the organization. Making changes, expanding applications, and integrating with other systems is straightforward and intuitive, speeding up the deployment process and enabling quick adaptation to business changes.

Another top Citizen Development tool is Microsoft’s Power Platform, consisting of three main components: Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Power Apps enables the creation of business applications, Power Automate automates processes, and Power BI provides advanced data analysis tools. Power Platform is a robust solution that offers a wide range of features and seamless integration with other Microsoft tools.

Of course, Power Platform can be an attractive choice, especially for companies already using other Microsoft tools and solutions. However, if you’re looking for a unified Citizen Development tool that offers advanced business process management features and flexible application design, Webcon is an excellent choice.


Why choose Webcon as the unified Citizen Development tool for your company?

First and foremost, Webcon provides a consistent and centralized environment for creating and managing business applications. Its modular structure allows for expanding functionality as your organization grows. As a result, your team of citizen developers can focus on application creation rather than spending time learning and managing multiple tools.

Webcon also stands out for its ease of use and intuitive interface. You can create applications without requiring deep programming skills, speeding up the development process and allowing for rapid adjustments to changing business needs. Collaborative teamwork within the tool is easy and effective, enabling all team members to work together on applications.

Additionally, Webcon offers technical support and educational materials to help your team develop skills and unlock the full potential of the tool. You can rely on professional assistance and prompt responses when needed.

In summary, both Webcon and Power Platform offer advanced Citizen Development capabilities. However, if you’re seeking a unified tool that provides business process management, user-friendly operation, and application design flexibility, Webcon is an outstanding and unparalleled choice.

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Our Experiences with Webcon as a Citizen Development Tool

Based on our observations, we have noticed that customers appreciate Webcon for:

  1. User-Friendliness: Users often praise the intuitive interface of Webcon BPS, which enables application creation without deep programming knowledge.
  2. Customizability: Webcon BPS offers flexibility, allowing users to customize applications to their specific business needs. Creating advanced forms, workflows, or reports allows for application personalization.
  3. System Integrations: Users typically value Webcon BPS’s ability to integrate with existing systems within the organization. This enables data exchange between different applications and systems, enhancing efficiency and consistency.
  4. Technical Support: Webcon BPS provides technical support and documentation to assist users in problem-solving and unlocking the full potential of the tool. Technical support may include training and contact with the support team.


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Consider TTMS as Your Trusted Partner in Citizen Development

Looking for a trusted partner in Citizen Development? Choose TTMS! We offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our knowledge and experience in Citizen Development enable you to create code-free applications quickly. With our tools and experts, you’ll swiftly build functional and flexible applications. Trust us as a partner that will help you accelerate the application development cycle and enhance innovation within your company. Choose TTMS and enjoy advanced Citizen Development capabilities!


Closing Thoughts

The InstantChange technology in Webcon allows you to modify workflow models, data schemas, form layouts, connections, and data sources. Changes can be made even to instances that are already in progress.

Long-running processes pose no problem for Webcon BPS, making it a significant advantage over the competition. Business processes run as long as needed.

Model-based forms: Webcon has a data model describing the form, and it’s part of the workflow model. It tells the form how to adapt during runtime!

You can model real-world logic and respond to far more events than just “new” and “changed.” Webcon doesn’t limit you to a linear, sequential flow with some loops and branches. You simply indicate how you transition from one step to another.

Webcon BPS stands out as one of the most cost-effective and visually appealing solutions available on the market. It’s a comprehensive Low-Code tool that allows business users to create advanced applications without deep programming knowledge.

Webcon BPS offers a highly intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface that enables users to design applications simply and intuitively. By using drag-and-drop elements and configuring rules and actions, users can create interactive forms, workflows, reports, and dashboards.

One of the key advantages of Webcon BPS is its competitive pricing. This makes the solution accessible to companies with various budgets, making it particularly attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises. Compared to other Citizen Development tools, Webcon BPS offers excellent value for its price.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of Webcon and its benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your project.