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21 October 2021 | Marcin Kapuściński

We want to expand the foreign sales network, acquire additional customers and increase the range of operations.

Interview for Portal Parkiet. Answers Sebastian Sokołowski – President of the Management Board of TTMS


What is the company’s activity? Is it mainly about outsourcing IT services?

TTMS is a provider of modern IT outsourcing, specializing in managed services, offering complete teams of experts for the world’s largest corporations. We operate in the following sectors: pharmaceutical and medical, industrial, educational, as well as in the defence and space industry, which are characterized by a high entry barrier.

We consistently implement the strategy of dynamic and continuous development, which requires us to use various available opportunities. We focus on constant organic growth, foreign acquisitions, and now it’s time for another important step – debut on the stock exchange. We believe that the market situation is favorable for companies in our industry. There is a very large shortage of employees, because the digital transformation has accelerated. , Increased demand for IT specialists affects the increase in costs and difficulties with business scalability. Managers see this problem, which is why companies more and more often decide to use our comprehensive services.


There has recently been information about the possible debut of Transition Technologies MS on the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Where did this idea come from? Was there a need to raise capital? Or is it just about the prestige of the stock exchange?

Our stock exchange debut is not only about raising capital, but also about credibility and increased recognition, that comes from being a listed company. The listing on the stock exchange confirms the maturity of the organization.


My guess is that the time of the pandemic has significantly increased the demand for the company’s services, and there is no problem with acquiring new customers. But what does it look like from the employees’ point of view? Many companies in the industry are currently struggling with a deficit of hands to work, which is why they even decide to take over other companies.

In the IT sector, we have been dealing with the employee market for many years. All IT companies have the same difficulties in attracting new employees. Despite this, we are significantly increasing the number of people employed year by year. This is due to several factors. First of all, we operate globally, we have an international HR team, thanks to which we have access to the labor markets in Europe and Asia. We cooperate with universities. Thanks to this, we have access to students to whom we can offer internships and then permanent employment. We also run a proprietary training program, that allows us to expand the teams in our core competencies. We also develop organically. We set up new offices and create subsidiaries. A very successful project turned out to be the establishment of the daughter company TTMS in Malaysia, which not only has dynamically developed in a few years, but is also a window to the Asian labor market.


What is the order backlog for this year?

I believe that the current situation of the company is very good. We have launched purchasing processes of foreign companies. We monitor the market and talk to potential candidates. I do not exclude the possibility of completing the purchase process before the stock market debut. Thanks to this, we want to expand the foreign sales network, acquire additional customers and increase the range of operations.

The TTMS order book does not include the exchange of contracts. We have trusted long-term clients, very often the projects we work on last for years. Of course, this does not change the fact, that as a result of significant changes taking place on the market, we also try to renegotiate our contracts.


What are the company’s long-term plans? A potential stock exchange debut, I also see that the company pays a lot of attention to ecology, maybe some involvement in such projects?

We attach great importance to sustainable development, which is why we plan to publish an ESG report on our activities for 2020 in the near future.

In 2019, we launched the TTMSgoesGreen project, which aims to continuously reduce the carbon footprint of the company. Our goal is to become a zero-emission company. We focus on the use of “green energy”, we apply low-emission solutions in our offices and we conduct compensation activities, e.g. tree planting campaigns.