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21 October 2021 | Marcin Kapuściński

Interview for ISBnews / ISBtech. "We operate globally, we have the potential to enter new markets."

Answers: Sebastian Sokołowski, President of the Management Board of Transition Technologies MS S.A.

Where does Transition Technologies MS see the greatest demand for its products?

We operate in dynamically growing sectors with a high entry barrier, relatively resistant to economic fluctuations, such as the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, industry, the space and defence sector and education. These industries accelerated their pace of development during the pandemic. We are benefiting from their growth and we want to continue to strengthen our presence in these areas, while focusing on further diversification of sales to new market sectors.

We have good development prospects. The digital revolution accelerated by the pandemic is favorable for our business and opens up even more opportunities in the global IT outsourcing market.

We observe an increased demand for our services, technologies we support related to digital transformation in the area of online sales and marketing, data processing in the cloud and information security. We see more and more customer inquiries related to cloud technologies. Clients are looking for solutions, people who will implement them, but above all, a comprehensive solution and responsibility for the entire process.

What are the market trends favoring the company’s operations?

In addition to accelerated digitization, the popularization of outsourcing IT services is visible. The pandemic has made companies even more open to the use of external suppliers, which on the one hand allows for specific savings, and on the other provides comprehensive service. In our opinion, the popularization of IT outsourcing will generate more and more interest in managed services, in which we specialize. It is a comprehensive form of cooperation. We build entire teams that understand the client’s business, which makes the service complete – from requirements analysis to implementation and maintenance of these solutions. We take responsibility for the quality, timeliness and success of implemented projects as well as maintaining domain knowledge in teams, which is not a common practice in the outsourcing model.

Cloud solutions, assessment according to the CEO

We mostly use cloud solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google as well as Salesforce and Adobe products.

We support the digital transformation of enterprises in the field of migration of entire IT ecosystems to the cloud, ensuring information security and the adoption of cloud solutions in organizations, integrating them with other systems and tools used in the largest corporations.

Depending on the stage of transformation, our clients expect various types of support. There are companies that start their path, for them the challenge is to move away from the costly, aging hardware infrastructure towards the cloud and transfer existing systems as they existed until now. Enterprises that have taken this step often struggle with suboptimal configuration, the costs of which can be significantly reduced, while increasing the efficiency of IT solutions operating in the cloud. There are also companies that have already appreciated the flexibility and power of the cloud, but are aware that the software they use from the era of servers and disk arrays does not use this power. That is why they decide to redesign and migrate their IT systems, so that they can benefit from unlimited cloud possibilities directly from the level of their code and architecture.

What are the company’s plans for foreign expansion?

We grow organically. Geographic diversification is very important to us, which is why we operate on international markets. We are present in 7 locations on 3 continents: North America (USA: San Francisco and Tampa), Europe (Poland, Great Britain, Austria), Asia (Malaysia, Singapore). Transition Technologies MS has 2 subsidiaries: Transition Technologies MS S.A. Ltd based in London (United Kingdom) and TTMS Software SDN Bhd. based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). International development is our natural development direction. The following directions are very important from the point of view of our activity: Asia and the countries of Western and Northern Europe, including Scandinavia and the DACH countries in which we also conduct sales activities.

The rapid growth of our Malaysian company in just 4 years made it possible to expand its operations to other regions. Today, the company offers its services to clients in Asia and Australia, and also cooperates with our representative office in Singapore.

We also think about acquisitions, monitor the market, and watch interesting foreign players. This is a chance for a further increase in the scale of operations.

Possible IPO plans – is the company considering an IPO?

We are analyzing various options for further development. Listing on the stock Exchange is one of the options we are considering.

What makes TTMS stand out on the market, what are the key competitive advantages?

We are a rapidly growing supplier of modern IT outsourcing in Poland and on foreign markets, directed mainly to global corporations. We have a high level of unique competences, we are characterized by the model of managed services cooperation in the current markets. We operate globally, we have the potential to increase the scale of operations and enter new markets.